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    web technologies
    «Mira» develops websites
    using the most modern web technologies,
    making them easy and simple to use now
    and for many years ahead!
    since 2005 year
    delight our client’s
    and their visitors
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    «Mira »
    Ranking in Google+Yahoo+Bing organic search results.
    Fully compliant with all legal requirements.
    Low prices.
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    Content Management systems:
    SEO + promotion
    from $AUD 350 per month
    Drupal / CiviCRM / HostCMS / Joomla / Bitrix
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    tasks are
    a breeze for us!


Development and promotion of websites


«Mira» — is the genesis and care of your valuable sites

Entrust the care of your sites to professionals.
We realize all your ideas to a high quality standard. And we do it fast.

«Any business undertake skillfully».

Further details about our support...

Responsive web-design

Nowadays over 42% of people in Australia are browsing from mobile devices. This amount is growing constantly. You can be assure that all developed website by our team are perfectly displaying on any mobile device or browser.

Simple and powerful Content Management System

Even your office manager can easily change the content of your site in real time! When developing the website we establish it on a management system: HostCMS, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla or Bitrix, chosen to be the optimum platform for your project.

Business orientation

Our skilled business analysts will advise the optimum system for your website, for content, functionality and promotion methods. With our experience from developing over 500 web projects since 2005 we can advise and implement your web site and supporting applications. Our experts work with you to create the web site and outcomes that you need!

Internet-marketing approach

Your website is a necessary part of your business and a vital part of your communications to your employees, colleagues and clients. Entrust our professionals, with the expertise and experience in Internet marketing to guide you through the complex process of attracting a stream of visitors from search engines to your site. For us the conversion of visitors into clients is an axis around which our business world rotates.

Search promotion and SEO

We do it simply, easily, optimally, without delay and at a low cost. We optimize your site and promote it to the widest audience possible.
Our experience in behavioural techniques guarantees results without the need of questionable or possibly illegal methods!

Unique photos and videos make your sites perform!

Rather than use ‘stock’ images that might be seen on other sites we can provide you with professional photographers and videographers to shoot subject matter specific to your site
We shoot and install tremendous professional videos to make your site stand out.

Professional equipment in the hands of our experts will turn your production into an experience that your visitors will remember!

More about photo&video shooting